Maia International Inc. (with Retail and Launch) specializes in the health and wellness industries. We help our clients expand current business and open markets globally for products that facilitate a positive change. We have an extensive network of contacts in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. We work with that network to help you achieve your distribution and revenue growth objectives.

Our principals and associates have a broad level of expertise in all facets of international distribution including, but not limited to, regulatory approvals, import duties and tariffs, local pricing and in country logistics. We work with a broad range of existing distributors to ensure your products get the desired market penetration as quickly as possible.

Maia Launch Focuses on helping companies prepare for market.  We have extensive experience in all facets of pre-launch/launch and our services include:
  • Regulatory approval, import/export, site licences – Canada, Europe, Hong Kong/Asia, USA
  • Global Pricing Strategies
  • Steps to Launch
  • Package Design, labeling, web presence, social media planning
  • Go to Market Strategies
We work with you to create and execute a launch plan that ensures you are fully prepared to launch in any geography.
Maia International assists you to get your products “on the shelf”.  We offer a full range of planning and reseller recruitment services including:
  • GOST planning – Goal, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics – a customized tactical plan to manage sales
  • Establishing distribution and retail channels
  • Consumer Awareness through social media, PR, and traditional media. (pre-listing for brand awareness)
  • Launch execution and reseller training
  • All audience communications and support
Maia International helps you ensure you have the most effective distribution and retail channels for your products or services.
Maia Retail specializes in “off the shelf” programs.  The success of any new product launch is creating consumer demand.  Our products and programs include;
  • Establishment of retail presence and listing
  • Off the shelf program support through social media and industry participation
  • Traditional media awareness programs
  • Retail training and in store merchandising solutions
“Off the Shelf” is the key measurement of success in any product launch and we’re with you every step of the way.  We work with international companies coming to North America or local companies seeking international expansion.

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About Us

We are a solutions oriented company. We work with you, as part of your team, to achieve the following;
Obtain the necessary government approvals to sell your products globally
Establish competitive pricing by market
Create Brand recognition and awareness
Create and grow product revenues through increased distribution
Develop and implement “Off the Shelf” programs to ensure inventory turns
Measure and improve customer service and satisfaction
Measure and improve customer service and satisfaction
Amazon channel management

The colours of the Maia logo represent the 7 chakras

We choose products that address at least one of the 7 chakras, the facets of well-being, and are customer centric. Maia operates in the wellness market which comprises health, beauty, natural products and proven devices. We work with manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our offerings fall into 4 buckets to help you:

“I can sell”

regulatory approval, global pricing, steps to launch

On the shelf

Establishment of distribution channels – distributor, retail etc.

Off the shelf

Brand awareness, brand recognition, demand generation

Grow Your Business

Expansion into New Markets