About Maia

We, at Maia, believe it is important to understand who you are engaging and what we can deliver. It is essential for our clients to understand what the Maia team is committed to and how we can contribute to your business success.

Maia’s founder, Christine Pemberton, started her first entrepreneurial venture at age 12. From that point, even in high profile corporate positions, she has always maintained her flair and passion for building businesses. She began her corporate career in the in the insurance industry but quickly realized her real calling was sales, marketing and most specifically analyzing business to create optimal success. She joined Dun and Bradstreet spent several years in the UK, and by age 27 was International Marketing Director, later transferred back to Canada where after a short stint in the Canadian division formed her own pharmaceutical consulting company with several divisions. The company was known as Pangaea Holdings Inc. and very quickly built a reputation as one of the most innovative consulting firms in the industry. Christine was one of the highest paid consultants based on analytics and dissecting opportunity, capitalizing on change through listening, engaging and advising companies on growth strategies, expansion and line extensions. After 10 years she sold the company and created Maia International to focus on the emerging Health and Wellness industry. This move was predicated on her recognition that consumer demand was shifting to natural products and positive outcomes.

The three divisions of Maia International Inc., “Maia Global”; Maia Launch and Maia Retail focus on helping international manufacturers, distributors and retailers of natural health and beauty products create brand awareness and recognition and to build tactical plans to grow their businesses. Her passion is ensuring the success of people while delivering effective, proven products that contribute to well-being. All programs are custom, involve assistance and engaging in deliverables to “make it happen” and a new offering that involves specific alliance partners titled “CPOO” – from creation to off the shelf support and providing necessities through progression.

Christine strives on risk sharing, working together as a team to help companies and individuals achieve their goals. Through the creation of a common vision she is able to recommend what is best for the Company and their customers regardless of where they are in the growth cycle. Most times this requires change, and change is good. Through her own successful ventures, she understands the many facets of growth and the importance of independent perspective. We often get engulfed in working “in” or “for” our business as opposed to working “on” our business with a focus on customer satisfaction. The Maia team works with their clients to ensure that when the consumer asks “What’s in it for me?” the answer is both obvious and exciting. That’s what defines success.

We work with both established and emerging companies. We seek products that are leading edge, have proven results and have demonstrated themselves be effective and sustainable. Our proven process begins with regulatory approvals, and includes pricing strategies, brand awareness campaigns, establishing distribution, creating “off the shelf” programs to ensure inventory turns and constant contact with the consumer to ensure customer satisfaction. Our clients are companies and individuals that truly care about the distributors, retailers and consumers that make up their channel. Building a business is about stability; building a strong foundation and focused and steady growth.