This  article was written partially out of frustration based on my observations in the industry but, the primarily reason for the paper is education. Education for the manufacturer, formulator, or company with a product or products requiring successful launch and market expansion. It is also written for the benefit of the retailer or distributor wanting to understand how to qualify and add valuable products to their portfolio to meet the requirements and expectations of their customers.
The truth is, regardless of market sector or product type, discovery, development and production of a product is only the first step to success. The successful launch of a new product in any market at any level requires a comprehensive launch program to create brand recognition and awareness at the consumer level. Success is only found when the product moves off the shelf at every level of the distribution chain.

Fundamentals are:
1. Establish Your Goal – One Goal supported by Objectives, reinforced by Strategies and made achievable through executable Tactics
2. Package Your Product – Your packaging is your interaction with the consumer, make sure it both attracts and educates.
3. Merchandize – Make sure your product attracts consumer attention while sitting on the shelf.
4. Support Your Retailer - provide a foundation of brand recognition, brand awareness and demand generation.
As a “service” provider we interact at every level; regulatory approval, distribution, wholesale and retail. Over the years we have developed a four stage strategy for the succesful launch of new products or the re-launch of existing products. Those stages include;
 I Can Sell (regulatory approval)
 On The Shelf (distribution and retail)
 Off the Shelf (creating consumer demand)
 Growth (expansion to new markets).