Maia Launch & Retail

Maia Launch

Maia Launch focuses on helping companies prepare for market. We have extensive experience in all facets of pre-launch and launch. Our services include:
  • Regulatory approval, import/export, site licences – Canada, Europe, Hong Kong/Asia, USA
  • Global Pricing Strategies
  • Steps to Launch
  • Package Design, labeling, web presence, social media planning
  • Go to Market Strategies
We work with you to create and execute a plan that ensures you are fully prepared to launch in any geography.

Maia Retail

Maia Retail specializes in “off the shelf” programs. The success of any new product launch is creating consumer demand. Our products and programs include:
  • Establishment of retail presence and listing
  • Off the shelf program support through social media and industry participation
  • Traditional media awareness programs
  • Retail training and in store merchandising solutions
“Off the Shelf” is the key measurement of success in any product launch and we’re with you every step of the way. We work with international companies coming to North America or local companies seeking international retail presence.

C.P.O.O. - Taking Products from Creation to Consumption

You have created an amazing consumer product, you’re ready to go to market and you’re stuck. You are a world class formulator and creator but you struggle with getting your amazing products to market. What do you do? You engage Maia International and their four step CPOO process. So…..what is CPOO? It is a structured four step process that ensures you get your amazing products in the hands of consumers in your target market. How does it work?

Step One and the C in CPOO is Certification. Our focus is on health and wellness products and virtually all of these types of products require government certification before they can be sold in North America, the EU, UK or elsewhere. In the first step of our process we work with you to secure all of the necessary government certifications to allow your product to be sold in North America, or overseas. There are differences.

Step Two and the P in CPOO is Preparation. We create an appropriate “go to market” strategy for your product. Based on that strategy we analyse what you need to do to create a presence in your target market. This includes web presence, social media presence, presentation, consumer focused brochures, target trade shows, and everything that is appropriate to create consumer recognition for your product for profitability.

Step Three and the first O in CPOO is On the Shelf. We build a list of target distribution and retail accounts for your product based on your Ideal Customer Profile. We build a competitive offering to entice the target reseller. We present to everyone on the target list until we have you product on the shelf with appropriate retailers.

Step Four and the second O in CPOO is Off the shelf. Too many manufacturers feel they have succeeded when they get their product on the shelf at retailers. We know that real success is getting product off the shelf and in the hands of Consumers. Step four is a comprehensive marketing program directed to your ideal customer to ensure that product moves off the shelf. At Maia International we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.

That responsibility includes all four steps in the CPOO process and we will work with you every step of the way. For more information on our CPOO process please contact Christine Pemberton at:

Maia Global Inc.