Revenue Generation

Maia Global - Helping Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

At Maia International Inc. we will help you build your business, grow your people, perfect your product portfolio and expand your revenue. We have a proven process to launch new products in North America and Globally. Our process eliminates the guesswork for you.

Maia has created proven and verified revenue generating programs. Our team will assist you to move product, acquire product and perfect your offerings. This includes products, services or a combination of both. Our clients/customers/colleagues include manufacturers, distributors and service providers across all facets of the health, beauty and wellness industries.

Our services are comprehensive. Implementation can include one or many of the following depending on your unique requirements and can be distinctly categorized into being able to sell, getting on the shelf, movement off the shelf, and growing your business. Services include:

Regulatory approval and re-filing as required
Global Pricing at all levels
Assistance in building your distribution network
Marketing and Educational Collateral materials for all audiences
Tactical Planning using GOST methodology
Building Brand Awareness Marketing
“Off the Shelf” marketing programs to ensure sell through
Social Media creation, messaging, planning, execution and delivery
Logo creation, web development, blog(s), market design
Clinical White paper generation and scientific validity studies
Formulation and product development
Private Label Opportunities

Upon discussion we can determine, as a team, how we can share risk and achieve your objectives.

Off the Shelf

Regulatory Offerings

Revenue Generator Methods