Whats In it For You

Successful corporations are built through collaboration, passion and knowledge. Added to these key ingredients are wisdom, integrity, communication and a willingness to change. People are the key ingredient as they add trust and commitment to provide the foundation for success. In the end it is about the people.

Christine Pemberton

Professional Approach

Maia’s success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to approach every opportunity with professionalism, knowledge, integrity and experience. We bring over twenty eight years of successfully launching products, building brands and companies globally to every engagement. It is not just distribution, it is a strategic, insightful approach reinforced by tactical plans with global reach with a Goal, Strategies and Objectives supported by Tactics. That experience means we can effectively build, and in most cases execute, a methodical plan, ingeniously facilitated and managed to ensure our clients effectively reach their goal.


In helping our clients we believe that perspective is the key word. Many clients that come to us are so busy working in their business that they have temporarily aborted the need to work on their business. Maia International uses a proven planning methodology to help our clients establish an achievable goal, build departmental objectives to achieve that goal, create strategies to support the objectives and develop tactics to achieve the strategies. The result is a working tactical plan that can be used as an ongoing management tool that cascades through the organization and leads our clients to success.

Perspective also means looking at your business through your clients eyes. Clients typically only want one question answered…What’s in it for me? We help you build a clear and concise answer that can be used in all of your messaging to all your audience members.